Luiz Torres’ letter to the editor published July 12 was spot on. Torres stated in his letter Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative Trustees had no interest in the membership showing up at the annual meeting.

    The business meeting had no agenda and the limited “business” the Co-op conducted was over in 15 minutes tops. They huddled secretly off to the side and recycled the leadership then most of them allegedly headed to the parking lot for a cold one.

    There was plenty of important business to be conducted, it just wasn’t going to help any of the current Trustees holding power.

    Members weren’t the only ones snubbed. Standing by to address the membership were members of Tri-State Power and Generation, New Mexico Solar Energy Association, 350 New Mexico and other co-op managers from the surrounding area.

    Tri-State is the company holding us over the barrel over-charging us for our electricity, while our trustees help them count the loot.

    New Mexico Solar Energy Association and 350 New Mexico are the guys who would like to break us free.

    Ward McCartney, a volunteer with 350 New Mexico passed out information to members as they drove up to the meeting. Until employees forced him to stop, McCartney was trying to get the message across that wind and solar are half the cost of fossil fuels. That sounds like something that should be discussed among members at the annual meeting.

    Nick Naranjo disagrees. He just wants his crown polished and stapled to his head for another year.

    It’s wrong when the membership doesn’t have an agenda in advance, hence doesn’t know what business will or could be discussed. It’s even more wrong when Trustees in the minority get their invitation, allegedly with an agenda, a few days in advance.

    Of course that is a case of living and dying by the sword. When minority trustee members were in control, they didn’t behave much better than this current crop of brain surgeons. Majority control groups at the Co-op have always ruled by the Golden Rule: He who has the gold, rules.

    This annual meeting mirrors previous meetings. Far less than a quorum of the membership attended. Jemez Co-op Manager Donna Montoya said 428 people made the trek into the mountains. That’s far from the 5 percent needed for a quorum (roughly 2,500), but it didn’t matter because there was no business upon which members could take action.

    Torres was also correct in stating if we want the Co-op to progress and change with the renewable times, we must elect trustees who want to grow and change the Co-op instead of the dinosaurs we now suffer, who are after their meeting, mileage and expense stipend.

    The trustee positions are nothing more than part-time jobs to supplement their social security checks or day jobs. We can change the composition of the board, but not until next June and even then, solid candidates with common sense and economically feasible  ideas better campaign hard, or the favors owed incumbents will run over any newcomer like a Mack truck.

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